In an intimate atmosphere, dive into your inner world with OCEANE, accompanied by her chants and the shamanic drum.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the voice and meditative sounds.

OCEANE connects to the present moment. Inspired by the beauty of the invisible, she lets herself be guided by her inner images and translates them into sounds, songs and culminating musical waves.

The sound journey invites everyone to relax in a lying or sitting position. A footbridge to rediscover yourself, to explore the interior seabed. 

Each Journey is unique, carried away by the magic of intuitive singing.


The listening experience lives through the body in the room. We follow the lines in the sand, the roots of trees, we slide deep in the water, expand our boundaries through breathing and visualization. Common meditation becomes an individual expedition. An opening. A gentle introspection in connection with our emotions. Until the drumbeat dies down and we all come back to the surface together with some salt left on the skin.