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Healing is an art of living

I am a wild being,

a woman who reconnects with her deep wild part and listens to it, brings it to life and respects it.

I remember that part of me. And I remind you.

I remind other women and men who are in need and searching.

I can guide them towards themselves, towards their joy, their freedom, their heart, their wild instinct.

I enlighten them like a loving mother, like an initiated sister.

I simply do everything that I love, everything that makes me vibrate and that I want to create while advancing on my path.

I will, in this way, naturally inspire other humans and guide them.

My work, my training is my own experience.

Share what I have experienced and what I know.

Reconnect with my sisters and my brothers.

No longer look outside of myself. It's all in my heart.

By continuing to probe my heart and let it speak, I will create and live my mission, my participation in the elevation of the world, of consciousness.

No need to have finished my own work and my way... I help on their path at each moment those who feel called by my vibration, here and now.

I constantly evolve.

I don't give truths. I embody and share my truths, my visions, my beliefs, my experiences.

And the world needs it.

My healing tools to help you move towards the voice/way of your heart and the freedom of your being

Shamanic journeys
Soul Connection Workshops
Liberation of expression through body and dance Transformation meditations
Opening of the voice and song of the soul
Healing art (Painting, writing...)
Talking circles... ​

Accompanied by my visions, my feelings and my connection to invisible worlds.

In group or individually

Contact me if you feel called and want more information

Sing freely to dare to express the deepest part of your soul.

Your song is a gift to the world.

Your voice is an encounter with yourself.

Your song emits the vibrations and the sound of your current version.

Your voice emanates from everything you have lived and gone through.

Your voice is a magic of the moment that is constantly renewed. Getting your voice out heals you and others.


Go and dare...

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