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About my life journey...

I am born in France under the sign of the lioness.

Very early on I am drawn to the arts…

I have the chance to start theater, dance and photography at the age of 8.


These practices will follow me and will become my saving means of expression during a childhood and adolescence buffeted by strong and stormy emotions.

After receiving my baccalaureate at 18, I study simultaneously at the School of Fine Arts and the Acting High School.

I specialise in the performing arts, photography and video.


I am in love with languages, communication, encounters and with mixtures of cultures.


At 21 I make my first big leap into the UNKNOWN, listening to my heart… I follow this deep call to leave France and go live in Germany. I feel magnetised and in love with this language and this country without explanation.


At 22, I am starting to free-lance as an actress and photographer in Germany.

I have been singing since childhood in secret… when I am alone in the family home, or in the forest.

My biggest fear is to go out and show that voice in public.

My greatest desire is to go out and show that voice in public…


I conquer this fear at 23 years of age and begin enjoying a new and greater freedom of being.

At 25 a little soul comes to incarnate by surprise in my belly.

This is my first REBIRTH. Pregnancy, then birth, then becoming a mother transformes me like never before. This child comes to teach me self-love in order to be able to love him. Come and force me to anchor myself deeply in the Earth.




I am entering a deep process of healing my family and feminine memories...


At 26, I take courage and co-decide the separation with my son's dad. It is the beginning of a long path of reunion with my deep being, my personal power, my ability to create and undo karmic patterns.


I then live my second REBIRTH by diving into the learning and experimentation of the shamanic journey. A RE-CONNECTION.

I return to myself as never before, I live the connection to my soul, to my ancestors and their wisdom.

I receive the visions, I discover the invisible worlds, the spirits, the different planes of consciousness.


I discover the song of the soul, the intuitive chant that totally opens my voice and my path to freedom of deep and free expression.


Today at 28, I am making my second big leap into the UNKNOWN. 

My inner voice is calling me to leave everything I put in place in Germany for 8 years and go to Portugal to create a new chapter in my life, aligned with who I have become.


On the program: Take my place completely, make my potential bloom to offer to the world, co-create a new world guided by consciousness and respect for the Earth.


Today I feel rooted, stable and guided like never before.

I have healed deep inside me and I am ready to open up to the world.

I know why I am here.

I walk hand in hand with a wonderful partner who shows me the path of the healed masculine and with whom I learn love in full consciousness.


And the journey has only just begun...


Infinite gratitude.


Thank you for reading me and coming on my way.



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